Poorly focussed, brooding observations on the world as experienced by a irretrievable intellectual. I work in a university co-ordinating an Himalayan studies network and teaching the anthropology of religion. Sanity is long walks or research in the field. Having studied the history and anthropology of Buddhism for some few years I’m now resuming older pursuits: appropriate technology, ecological anthropology, and engaged Buddhism.


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  1. Greetings! I have been much fascinated with the title of your blog. I have also been following your tweets for a while now. I am an Anthropology student working on my doctoral thesis doing a comparative study of the religion of the Lepchas of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Ilam. When I was in North Sikkim for my fieldwork, I heard a lot of stories about yeti and am hoping to write a paper on that topic very soon. I was wondering if you were familiar with any yeti articles that have already been published or you might yourself have worked on that topic. On a side query, can you tell mea bit about your blog title? thanks! -charisma

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